• The Marmite Vitamin

    The Marmite Vitamin

    1st May 2015

    Love it or hate it, Marmite could benefit your training… Why? Because Marmite contains B12, B12 like all vitamins is a facilitator – in its specific case it aids the formation of DNA, is required for the synthesis of brain…

  • 4 post exercise drinks

    4 post exercise drinks

    22nd April 2015

    Looking for some new pre or post-exercise fuel? Check out four that we’ve had a tipple of… B.Fresh Cold Pressed Pure Juice Beetroot Lemon Price: RRP £2.50 Blurb: Relatively new to the juice market, B.Fresh boasts that they are the only…

  • The truth about organic food

    The truth about organic food

    4th April 2015

    Going organic – nutritional cure-all or expensive con? Is organic food really any healthier than conventional produce and is it worth paying extra for? Andrew Hamilton looks at the arguments for and against… Once upon a time, all of our…

  • What to eat at altitude

    What to eat at altitude

    30th March 2015

    We put your questions to our experts to find the answers you need. Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert looks at what to eat at altitude… Q: I know that altitude effects the way the body responds to exercise – do I have…

  • Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie by Waitrose

    Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie by Waitrose

    18th March 2015

    This fruity mixed berry breakfast smoothie with crunchy oats will get your morning off to a great start, seeing you through until lunchtime. Preparation time: 10 minutes Serves: 2 Ingredients 3 tbsp porridge oats ½ x 480g pack frozen Love…

  • Jamie Oliver Ready To Eat Pouches

    Jamie Oliver Ready To Eat Pouches

    12th March 2015 1 Comment

    Do you struggle to find tasty alternatives to potatoes and rice? These handy pouches from Mr Oliver are packed with pulses and grains… Eaten hot or cold, and promoted as a healthy alternative side dish to potatoes and rice, the…

  • How to lose weight and keep it off

    How to lose weight and keep it off

    12th January 2015

    Personal trainer Rob Jones looks at how to lose weight the healthy way… Q. I’d like to lose a bit of timber and keep it off. What’s a reasonable monthly target for weight loss? Nick Barnes, by email  A. Losing weight is…

  • Training on the 5:2 diet

    Training on the 5:2 diet

    12th January 2015

    Guidance on training while following this popular diet from sports nutritionist, Emma Barraclough… Q. A couple of friends are doing the 5:2 diet and I’m tempted to join them. Can I train on my two ‘starvation’ days? Jason White, by email A.…

  • Performance boosting winter harvest

    Performance boosting winter harvest

    12th January 2015

    Whilst conventional wisdom points to summer fruits and the spring harvest as being the best time for a nutritional bounty – the winter harvest can provide plenty of performance boosting nutrition too, so long as you know what to look…

  • 7 flu-fighting foods

    7 flu-fighting foods

    12th January 2015

    Fend off all that the cold season fires at you with these 7 flu-fighting foods with immunity boosting secret ingredients… Chicken soup, hot lemon drinks and plenty of vitamin C. They’re the hand-me-down prescriptions for fighting off the cold and…