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  • Training on the 5:2 diet

    Training on the 5:2 diet

    12th January 2015

    Guidance on training while following this popular diet from sports nutritionist, Emma Barraclough… Q. A couple of friends are doing the 5:2 diet and I’m tempted to join them. Can I train on my two ‘starvation’ days? Jason White, by email A.…

  • Performance boosting winter harvest

    Performance boosting winter harvest

    12th January 2015

    Whilst conventional wisdom points to summer fruits and the spring harvest as being the best time for a nutritional bounty – the winter harvest can provide plenty of performance boosting nutrition too, so long as you know what to look…

  • Smoothie: Beetroot, apple, carrot & watercress

    Smoothie: Beetroot, apple, carrot & watercress

    12th January 2015

    A tasty and nutritious smoothie recipe to boost iron. “Absolutely loaded with vitamins, iron and disease-fighting superfood phytonutrients, this juice will give you a real boost if you are feeling low or under the weather,” says Percy. “Research suggests that purple…

  • 7 flu-fighting foods

    7 flu-fighting foods

    12th January 2015

    Fend off all that the cold season fires at you with these 7 flu-fighting foods with immunity boosting secret ingredients… Chicken soup, hot lemon drinks and plenty of vitamin C. They’re the hand-me-down prescriptions for fighting off the cold and…

  • Curry: Energy-injecting Shaljam Gosht

    Curry: Energy-injecting Shaljam Gosht

    12th January 2015

    Much more than a winter warmer, Britain’s favourite dish can make you fitter, thinner and faster, and even add some spice to your performance… Try this turnip and lamb curry. Shaljam Gosht  Ingredients Serves 4–6 4 tbsp sunflower or rapeseed…

  • Alcohol and fitness: The truth

    Alcohol and fitness: The truth

    12th January 2015

    Does alcohol help or hinder your fitness and how do you fast-track hangover recovery? The truth about alcohol and fitness.  Beer Research reveals the power of the recovery pint Bitter: 4% abv (alcohol by volume) – calories per pint 180-200 …

  • Hangover tips for training

    Hangover tips for training

    12th January 2015

    Let’s just say you do have a moment of over indulgence ahead a major event – here’s how to fast-track your way through a hangover with our hangover tips… Dress code Compensate for the effect alcohol has on your internal…

  • How to lose weight and keep it off

    How to lose weight and keep it off

    12th January 2015

    Personal trainer Rob Jones looks at how to lose weight the healthy way… Q. I’d like to lose a bit of timber and keep it off. What’s a reasonable monthly target for weight loss? Nick Barnes, by email  A. Losing weight is…

  • Eating raw eggs like Rocky

    Eating raw eggs like Rocky

    7th January 2015

    Are eating raw eggs all they’re cracked up to be? Nutritionist Emma Barraclough answers your questions… Q. In the Rocky films he ate his eggs raw with milk. Is there any benefit to eating eggs this way? Bill Hopkins, by email…

  • Time for Teff: a little grain with big potential

    Time for Teff: a little grain with big potential

    31st December 2014

    Bored of bread, cereal, rice and pasta? Perhaps it’s time to consider teff – a little known gluten-free grain that packs a big nutritional punch! If you haven’t heard of teff, you’re not alone. Although teff is grown by over…