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  • A drink problem?

    A drink problem?

    7th October 2015

    A team of sport scientists have warned endurance athletes about the risk of over-hydrating Long distance runners, cyclists and triathletes should trust their thirst as a guide to how much fluid they need to drink, says an international panel of sport scientists. The 17 experts warn that…

  • Flaxseed: Your King demands you must eat it!

    Flaxseed: Your King demands you must eat it!

    1st October 2015

    It might not be the most fashionable superfood, but when it comes to proven health benefits, flaxseed is definitely one of the very best. Andrew Hamilton explains why. When Charles the Great ruled most of Western Europe in the early middle ages,…

  • Don’t double up on carbs

    Don’t double up on carbs

    30th September 2015

    Fuelling a ride is vital to avoid the bonk, the dreaded energy crash, but there’s a limit to how much carbohydrate the body can absorb. Scientists in the Department of Sports Studies at the University of Stirling measured the impact of cyclists consuming either water,…

  • Mother’s nature ‘supplements’

    Mother’s nature ‘supplements’

    15th September 2015

    It’s easy to grab an energy bar or a sports drink, but many of nature’s own ‘products’ are as equally, if not more, effective. Rhiannon Lambert looks at what the greengrocers has to offer to optimise your pre and post workout snacking. Natural hydration…

  • Radical Re-think: Can anti-oxidants impair, not aid, performance?

    Radical Re-think: Can anti-oxidants impair, not aid, performance?

    3rd September 2015

      You train hard so you could benefit from more antioxidant supplementation, right? Not necessarily it seems, because according to Andrew Hamilton, some antioxidant supplements could actually harm your exercise performance… There’s an old Russian proverb that says “life has to be lived…

  • Cheers


    3rd September 2015

    It’s the research that all recreational outdoor fitness fans have been desperate to read! Knocking back a beer or two at the end of a hot run doesn’t compromise the body’s efforts to rehydrate. Monitoring 16 male athletes (where do they find these volunteers?)…

  • The health benefits of dark chocolate

    The health benefits of dark chocolate

    25th August 2015

    Fancy a superfood you actually can’t resist eating? Andrew Hamilton explains why dark chocolate is just the ticket! Sometimes, the best things in life are actually quite commonplace – and right under our noses. A good example of this is the humble cocoa bean,…

  • Benefits of Kaniwa

    Benefits of Kaniwa

    5th August 2015

    Recently we looked at the merits of chia, which hails from the high Andes region of South America, now Andrew Hamilton explains why another South American seed called kaniwa is definitely worthy of consideration. Life for plants growing 14,000 feet up in the high Andes…

  • Can watermelon enhance sport performance?

    Can watermelon enhance sport performance?

    24th July 2015

    Although the use of amino acids in sports nutrition is quite commonplace, you’re probably not familiar with L-citrulline. But as Andrew Hamilton explains, some recent research suggests that this little known nutrient may have real potential to enhance your sport performance. Think of performance-boosting…

  • To detox or not to detox

    To detox or not to detox

    15th July 2015

    Have you been tempted by a detox this summer? See what the experts think of detoxing… Q: I’ve heard a great deal about going on a detox. What do you think? Lindsay Holden (MSC.) – Nutritionist and personal trainer A: A…