A hot topic in recent times, sustainable travel has always been at the heart of Exodus Travels and their travellers.

Whether it’s helping to build-up communities by employing local tour guides, raising awareness with travellers by highlighting the importance of responsible tourism, or ensuring people respect the beliefs and religions of the people they meet, Exodus Travels strives to ensure that they are helping to preserve and protect each of the communities they visit.

Plastic pollution is a major focus of Exodus Travels and two years ago they began their ‘Ban the Bottle’ campaign – aiming to be entirely plastic free by the end of 2018. In many countries around the world it can be difficult for travellers to drink safe, clean water without having to purchase a plastic water bottle. However, Exodus have ensured that 85% of their travellers can now visit these countries without the need to buy one by providing fresh drinking water aboard their vehicles and encouraging passengers to bring reusable water bottles.

“One of the most important aspects of our work is ensuring that our trips benefit the people and places we visit and that is at the forefront of our minds at this time of year as we prepare everything for 2019, including some exciting new trips. We’re getting close with 99% of trips having an alternative offered, but still some work to do. Alongside our work on plastic bottles, we’re now starting the second phase of our plastic policy and starting to look at how we can assist the people and properties we work with to reduce the use of plastic straws, plastic cutlery and even mini-shampoos. This is a long-term effort but one we’re dedicated to continue.” – Tom Harari, Responsible Tourism Manager.