What does it feel like to follow your dreams? Back in September 2017, The North Face trail running athlete Fernanda Maciel travelled to Tanzania in an attempt to run the fastest known time up Kilimanjaro. Not only did she set a new record, but she beat it by an incredible 2 hours 52 minutes.

The trail itself was a tough one, filled with steep rock avalanches and an ascent of 5896 metres. Despite being physically exhausted, injured, and running at seriously high altitudes, she reached the top with a beaming smile on her face. In a record breaking 7 hours and 8 minutes, Fernanda summited the highest mountain in Africa, and made it back down to complete a 10 hour 6 minute trail run. She challenged the limits of what’s possible, and left her mark on the mountain.

Watch her incredible journey to the summit here, and be inspired to push your own limits:

“I’m very happy. I’ve been dreaming of taking on this African mountain for a long time and today gave me that opportunity to do so, and achieve another high-mountain world record, after Aconcagua,”

“I’ve been enjoying a lot the spirit of Kilimajaro,and also the spirit of the people – they are amazing. As a Brazilian, I love to dance and sing, and so do the people here!”