In the first three weeks of his epic bid to become the first man in history to swim around the entire Great British coastline, adventure athlete Ross Edgley has already battled extreme chaffing, fierce waves, sunburn and a disintegrating tongue.

After 21 days and 269 miles in the water, the fourth and latest episode of the Great British Swim vlog on the Red Bull YouTube channel, shows Ross face his most painful test yet – an army of stinging jelly fish on the South Coast.

Speaking of the experience, Ross said “After the tenth jellyfish sting to the face, it got to the point where my face was numb. It was stinging so bad. It was throbbing and that was at 3’o clock in the morning.”

Looking back at the start of his Great British Swim challenge, Ross said “It was the roughest week I’ve ever had competing in any sport.  There’s been times where I’ve been swimming at night, through waves, through currents and my shoulders are on fire.

“I could have stopped, got back on [the boat] and gone to sleep, but that circumnavigatory swim all around Great Britain isn’t going to happen any faster if I do that.”

Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim began in Margate on Friday June 1. He plans to swim the distance of 3,200km without setting foot on land, completing the equivalent of crossing the English Channel every 24 hours.

The 32-year-old’s previous feats include completing a marathon whilst dragging a Mini Cooper and rope climbing the equivalent height (8,848m) of Mount Everest inside 24 hours.

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Picture: Harvey Gibson