Chris Roberts, a Level 4 Rehabilitation Therapist and Sports Conditioning expert, has provided these tips on behalf of Biofreeze and leading shoe in-sole brand, Sorbothane on avoiding injuries as you get older and reducing the impact of exercise on your joints.

What are your tips for helping men in their 30’s and 40’s avoid injuries when exercising? 

As a physically active Dad in his thirties I cannot stress enough how important effective warm-ups before any activity are. I often perform movement specific warm-ups using resistance bands. Coupling this with dynamic stretches and pre-event massage or localised vibration therapy when possible.

Which exercises/stretches should you be doing more of as you get older?

It’s important to differentiate between dynamic (pre-event) and static (post-event) stretches. All stretches have their place but it’s important to stretch the muscles used or that will be used thoroughly to minimise injury.

Which age group come to you most with fitness related injuries?

I most see injuries in adults from 25 years to 40 years. Often this correlates with the amount of activity that takes place. Whilst an older population are more likely to get injured, often through experience, this is minimised.

How much shock do you absorb when you run, cycle, play football or exercise in general?

The amount of shock is activity dependent. Sports such as cycling, and swimming are non-impact and so are good for learn term joint health whereas sports involving running, jumping or sharp turns involve high levels of impact.

What are the best ways to decrease the impact of exercise on your joints?

It’s important to wear correctly fitting sports appropriate footwear. Compression items can be worn to not only minimise impact on the joints but provide warmth and minimise injury as well.