Have you been tempted by a detox this summer? See what the experts think of detoxing…


Q: I’ve heard a great deal about going on a detox. What do you think?

Lindsay HoldenLindsay Holden (MSC.) – Nutritionist and personal trainer 


A: A detox or cleanse usually sees you go through a period of time, perhaps a week of only drinking juices or even completely fasting. The idea is to give your body a rest from inflammatory substances to help ease digestion and rid the body of a few extra pounds. However, here are five reasons why I don’t recommend a detox:

Superficial weight loss

There is no doubt that you will lose weight cleansing for a week or longer. The initial weight loss will be from water, stored carbohydrate and intestinal bulk. Your calorie in-take will be barely anything at all, which is going to have negative consequences on your energy levels and metabolism. The latter will slow dramatically. Keep detoxing and this will become more permanent, you will keep losing weight, but when you start eating normally again you’ll gain more weight.

Muscle loss

Due to reduced energy and protein intake your body will lose muscle. This compounds the problem with your metabolism. Maintaining lean body mass is key to keeping our metabolism revved up as muscle burns calories 24/7.

No protein

There is minimal if any protein provided in many detox and cleanse plans. This always baffles me, as your body requires certain amino acids from proteins to be able to effectively detox. It therefore makes no sense to deprive your body of proteins in order to detox.

No fibre

Another way to clean out your digestive tract is fibre. Juicing gets rid of all the fibre from the vegetables and fruits…I don’t think I need to point out how this detox idea is starting to make less and less sense.

Finally – It’s totally utterly dull!

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