Open water swim wear brand Selkie Swim co and partner the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK) are sending out some safety advice to all open water swimmers, experienced or otherwise, to be careful when swimming in local rivers, lakes and seas as we head into spring.

Open water swimming has become increasingly popular and is set to be the next big fitness trend of 2019. However, with so many people looking to push their boundaries and explore the outdoor waters, Selkie Swim and RLSS wanted to give some safety advice for those interested, to ensure people are being extra careful during the colder temperatures. partnered with the back in April 2018, in a bid to ensure safety precautions are always put in place or known about for open water swimming, especially for swimming events. The partnership also saw Selkie’s sister company Open Water Swimming Ltd, which is behind open water swim events such as the Henley Classic, go through the SH2OUT accreditation programme, that supports development of standards and ensures safe and compelling experiences for all participants.

The partnership also saw Selkie Swim to produce its first range of branded fashion items for RLSS. The collection includes men’s and women’s t-shirts and sweatshirts, with a percentage of all sales of the range going to RLSS.

Below is some advice that Selkie Swim, in conjunction with the RLSS, is issuing amidst the rise in popularity of open water swimming, with a particular focus on the colder temperatures:

  • Don’t Swim Alone – make sure you are in pairs or in a team
  • Swim at supervised (lifeguarded) sites
  • Look out for signs and advice about the specific dangers at the place where you are swimming
  • Acclimatise yourself so you don’t suffer from shock of the cold water that can make it difficult to swim or get out of the water
  • Wear the right clothing – for a beginner, wear a wetsuit. More experienced swimmers can brave a costume or swim pants
  • Take a tow float/bag – this will keep your important belongings safe and dry, whilst also helping as an aid if you find you are struggling in the water
  • Make sure you have a safe and easy entrance and exit point into/out of the water, so that you don’t find yourself slipping in or struggling to lift yourself onto dry land.
  • Layer up – this is very important, especially when the water temperatures are low as they currently are, make sure as soon as you get out that you layer up and get warm quickly.
  • Drink plenty of water and take a hot drink – it is important to stay hydrated, and when you are out of the water it is a good idea to have a hot drink with you that will help you warm up quicker.