As editor of Outdoor Fitness magazine, I am quite often sent gear/apparel/equipment to try out. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new KKDU Plum bike trailer – the first to hit our shores, in fact, as it’s actually an Australian product.

KKDU Plum bike Of course, I was excited to try it out – just look at the pictures, it’s really lovely! But when I actually went to pick it up I was struck by what a great piece of equipment it is too. It’s not often that style marries seamlessly with top-notch engineering, so I think we should celebrate those companies that manage it, and KKDU Plum is one of them.

As well as working on the magazine, I am a personal trainer, and something that’s always a bit of a pain is getting all the relevant weights etc that I need for each client’s programme from the car to their house/the park/the studio. So, putting the push-bike aside for a moment, this was what I was most interested in using the trailer for. And it’s great – saves me lots of time as I can sling everything in a pull it straight to our work-out spot (and waterproof covers are ideal for keeping client’s belongings while we train if it rains). It folds up quickly and easily – no tricky bolts and or spanners involved – and the wheels pop off at the touch of a button; the whole lot slots into my car boot like a charm! I teach a circuits class in a school hall and it’s especially good for this as I have to get enough equipment to train 18 people, from the carpark to the hall. Now I no longer have to recruit people to help unload (telling them it’s a ‘warm up’!).

KKDU Plum bikeSo, nothing’s perfect right? You’re probably wondering what the downsides are. Well, I honestly think it’s almost perfect, but one thing I would like to see is a brake to keep the trailer where it is when it’s stationary. I haven’t had it roll away on me yet but there’s always a chance! The good thing about this though, is that I told KKDU Plum and they are already looking at possible ways to include this without compromising design. And that’s what I think makes a great company – they listen to their customers to make the best product they can make.

Oh, and in the summer, it’ll be awesome on the bike (I have whimped out for now but did have a little go with the bike and it was pretty smooth!).

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Written by Amy Curtis