Introducing SPENGLE carbon Monocoque.

Quite literally re-inventing the wheel for early 2018, SPENGLE has developed its new carbon fibre Monocoque; initially for the mountain bike industry, but with a road product already in development. The brand has gone back to the drawing board to craft a unique tri-blade design, which optimises stability and durability, whilst adding Failsafe technology and a striking aesthetic.

For over 20 years SPENGLE has been defying convention in the wheel market, pushing the development and application of technology beyond what was considered possible and examining every component to produce the most advanced wheels on the market. SPENGLE engineers have meticulously examined the properties of carbon fibre to understand how to manipulate it most effectively, devising new methods of bonding – ensuring the wheel delivers a world-class riding experience, without ever compromising the safety of the rider. The result is a redefinition of what a 27.5 trail wheel is capable of.

Cutting-edge aerospace technology provides safer handling, superior shock absorption, and the strongest tyre bed of its type. Typical wheels attempt to manage stresses through three main components; spokes, rims and hubs. Having three separate parts means the forces are typically distributed across the wheel disproportionality, which results in the rim and spokes being prone to bending and buckling. The SPENGLE carbon Monocoque, seeks to negate this.

Being a ‘Monocoque,’ the wheels are comprised of just one piece. This means that when exposed to stresses, the forces are distributed and absorbed across the entire structure, via the carbon. This results in no single area of the wheel being prone to failure, even when exposed to the most demanding forces, leaving the rider free to concentrate on the ride, not their equipment. The SPENGLE carbon Monocoque is the ultimate enduro wheel.

A lifetime warranty guarantees every set of SPENGLE carbon Monocoque wheels. For more information and to order now for 2018, please visit: