Coldhouse Collective are proud to share the first teaser trailer for their new film ‘Mirror Wall.’

As part of an expedition team led by British climber Leo Houlding, Sheffield-based adventure filmmakers Coldhouse Collective have documented the challenging first ascent of the north-west face of Greenland’s 1200 metre Mirror Wall.

This autumn, audiences will be able to follow the team’s efforts scaling the remote big wall, in a featurette film exploring the motivations behind undertaking such risky expeditions.

This first teaser trailer gives a flavour of the tone of the film and sets the scene for what promises to be a poignant exploration of climbing in a remote corner of the world.


Scaling the vertical wall alongside the climbers, director Matt Pycroft was able to capture up close the physical and emotional intensity of the task, as well as getting a day-by-day account of the climb.

“The audience will be watching a team of young men on a journey together with a shared aim and objective” Matt explains. “Mirror Wall takes a ‘new age’ documentary style, with an emphasis on the more cerebral and philosophical side of Leo and his team and their motivations and reservations surrounding the expeditions they go on, the lifestyles they’ve chosen and their home life.”

The film will premiere in September, and will be followed by a series of short films for expedition sponsor Berghaus, that focus on the practical side of life on a big wall expedition.