Join Henry and Sam on their journey to Kathmandu. In a series of blogs for Outdoor Fitness they will take you through their journey, keeping up to date on the training required for such an undertaking, as well as their process when it comes to bidding for sponsors.

UK to kathmandu 1

What we are doing:

In 2016, we will be walking from the UK to Kathmandu. It’s 6,500 miles, circa 13 million steps or in other words; a quarter of the way around the world! The route will take us clear across Northern Europe and into Russia.

We will then bear South East where we will cross the Volga River and into Kazakhstan. The plan is then to walk its entire length leading us into North West China, the Xinjiang region. We will hike the width of China, avoiding the Taklamakan desert, crossing the Tibetan Plateau – reaching altitudes of 5000 metres, through Lhasa, over the Himalayas and into Nepal.

Why are we doing it?

In July 2015 Henry’s sister, Annie, was diagnosed with brain cancer. She is 29 and has two young children under the age of four. Despite receiving this shattering news, Annie’s determination to do what she can for others manifested into her family setting up a charity – Annie’s Challenge. It is a charity primarily designed to fund research into brain cancer.

We will be using this space to keep you at Outdoor Fitness abreast of our training and bids for sponsorship etc. Generally how – or not – to organise a year long expedition! We hope you enjoy the ride!

For more information please take a look at our website –

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UK to kathmandu 2

Henry Dunham

With six brothers and sisters, crazy was a normal state for us growing up! Always looking for the next thing to keep us occupied, our parent’s worked tirelessly to stop us resorting to destroying the house for lack of anything better to do.

This need to be constantly flexing my imaginative muscles, to find the next thing to do, has followed me through to who I am today… Having said this, I have never done anything this crazy before… I am, on the whole, fairly fit. Even without this mammoth challenge to ‘look forward to’, I would be at the gym four times a week.

The food I eat and the way I physically feel have always mattered to me and I suspect that is why I thought, maybe somewhat naively, that I will be able to do this trek. I have now increased this training regimen to include 8-12 gym sessions a week – being self employed allows for a lot of flexibility!

My diet is based on a low to no sugar intake, reasonably high carb, high fibre with a good mix of vegetable and animal based protein. The aim is to get strong and fit, we will add the padding later!

Sam Crimp

All through my life I’ve been lucky enough to be able to be involved with sports and fitness. At school, I was a keen hockey player and since leaving I’ve become an even keener gym goer, a gym ‘freak’ some might say. I’ve also taken up boxing in the last 6 months which I have found has been an incredible work out, for both my cardio and muscular endurance.

Having recently attended selection for Sandhurst, I like to think that my physical fitness is pretty good, although I find myself somewhat chasing Henry when out running! I base a lot of my training programme around weight training and calisthenics, with the view of becoming an all round athlete, not just someone who is strong in one particular discipline.

I try to swim as much as I can, although it’s safe to say I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as I do running and spending time in the gym. I don’t think any sort of physical training will fully prepare me for what we are about to do.