A recent analysis on step count monitoring reveals some interesting information

Did you know almost half (49%) of UK adults are keeping track of how far they walk in a day?

That’s according to research recently released by comparethemarket.com. In a survey of 1,000 adults aged 18+, it was found that on average, those using step monitoring devices walk 7,358 steps a day – a long way short of the recommended 10,000 steps. In actuality, only 17% of people manage to achieve this in a normal day.

It was also found that the Welsh are the most competitive with 15% wanting to challenge others, compared to the national average of 11%, and the North East are the least likely to embrace their competitive spirit with apparently only 4% citing competition as a reason.

Other findings from the survey

  • 23% of those surveyed said that they are more likely to hit their target whilst doing something they enjoy
  • 38% monitor their steps as a way to lose weight
  • 26% say they will deliberately walk a longer route to hit their target
  • 28% confess that step monitoring is the only form of exercise they do
  • 5% have shaken their device to trick it into thinking they’ve hit their target number
  • The biggest cheaters are those aged 25-34 with 11% saying they’ve done this.

Main image by Shutterstock