Drew Collins has set himself the huge task of not only climbing each of the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales but walking between all of them as well – his own extreme version of the popular Three Peaks Challenge. He’s aiming to complete his 407-mile walk within 24 days – all of his annual leave from work in one hit. Fair play to him. Here’s the lowdown of the adventure from Drew himself…

What’s the motivation?

“I love challenges and my head is constantly telling me to go out on wild and crazy adventures, so this certainly answers to that.”

What kind of route will you be taking?

“I’ll be starting the challenge by travelling to Fort William via train on 26 April, then after arriving I’ll take a short walk to the foot of Ben Nevis and will camp there for the evening. At around 3am I’ll set off up the mountain in order to catch the sunrise before heading down and joining the West Highland Way toward Kinlochleven and beyond, something I have done before but I am quite excited to do it in reverse. At Glasgow I’ll then be using the Clyde Walkway to get me onto the River Annan which flows all the way down to Carlisle and the beginning of the Cumbria Way. I’ll then drop off the Cumbria Way to climb Scafell Pike before descending and crossing east toward Kendal.

“From there, I’ll use a combination of the A6 and the Lancaster Canal to get me to Preston, and from there I’ll use the Round Preston Walk onto Tarleton and pick up the Leeds/Liverpool Canal. Once I reach Liverpool I will have to cross the Mersey via ferry to Birkenhead and from there it’s fairly plain A roads toward the Snowdon summit and the important finish line.”

Will you be self supported?

A large majority of the trip will be self supported, picking up supplies as I go. On the equipment side I’ll have my MSR Hubba NX – a tent that has made it to the other side of some pretty severe weather conditions with me. I’ve decided to travel light with no full change of clothes, just the essentials and a spare pair of socks, this way I can make room for my camera to document it all.

What are you most looking forward to?

“Quite simply I am looking forward to meeting my family at the top of Snowdon where they’ll hopefully have a local beer waiting for me.”