Dusk bike ride

Nothing beats the feeling of spending a sunny afternoon exploring forest trails, hidden paths or city streets

Whether you dust off your helmet every day or prefer to save it for family adventures out, have you ever wondered just how many likeminded people love their cycling too?

By digging through some of the latest government statistics, Merlin Cycles has put together the Great British Map of Cycling. Here you can find which regions in the UK take their cycling seriously.

How does your area stack up?

According to the latest statistics on cycling in Northern Ireland, it is thought that 28% of adults cycle at least once a week.

That’s not all. The south east and south west of England reported that 10.6% and 10.3% of adults took to their bikes at least once a week.

Great British Map

A few other statistics…

For the East Midlands, almost one in 10 people (9.1%) hopped on their bikes once a week.

And finally the West Midlands reported an average of 7.9% of adults cycling on a weekly basis, as well as being the region in the UK that reported the lowest levels of anxiety in the country.

London loves to cycle

Whether you live one mile away from your office or eight, choosing to cycle instead of driving or taking the bus is a great way to get some exercise and cut your carbon footprint at the same time.

According to the most recent government figures, the capital city of London ranks 5th on the list of regions for cycling with at least 10% of adults saying they hop on their bike at least once a week. Transport for London even predicts that the number of people cycling on central roads in the city will soon overtake the number of car drivers.