Expedition from the Backdoor documents Yvette Primrose’s incredible feat of personal strength and tenacity in the face of physical and social limitations.

Tracing a 1000 km walk along footpaths, towpaths and mountain trails from Shropshire to Knoydart in Scotland, what began as a humble expedition evolved into a life-changing adventure.

Using diaries, blogs and expedition log-books, Yvette has recreated her adventure in this honest and gritty account. The unique elements of her gruelling expedition, which build progressively throughout, were the limits that she placed upon herself in an effort to push boundaries in a genuine test of her survival skills: Sleeping rough with no tent, carrying a near 20 kilo kit, foraging for food and avoiding technology in commitment to the ethics of the trip – complete self-reliance, even in the face of illness, injury and menopause.

Our review

This is a beautiful book. It is honest, authentic and explores the nature of resilience in a way that allows the reader to question their own perceived limitations. Yvette shares her story in the form of a diary, but she has also added a number of elements retrospectively, allowing for a comprehensive story, an insight and a true account of every aspect of the adventure.

As someone who lives relatively close to where Yvette began her expedition, it seems inconceivable to pack a bag and walk to Scotland. That’s a massive over-simplification of what actually happened, but you’ll need to read the book to learn more about that. I strongly recommend that you do.

For anyone who would like to live vicariously through the adventure of an inspirational woman, you need this book in your life.

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