In June 2018, Imogen Horrocks completed her first V11/8A grade climb in the Rocklands, South Africa. The climb, known as ‘The Hatchling’ entered Imogen into a group of elite level female climbers making her mark on the international bouldering scene.

Imogen HorrocksAs an emerging new brand in functional sports drinks and hydration, Fuzion 100 wanted to embrace emerging new sports talent and identify athletes that they can help to fulfil their ambitions. Imogen Horrocks has been a rising star in the U.K. and international bouldering scene. In 2018 she was selected to represent Team GB on the world cup circuit but her ambitions have always reached further and Imogen wanted to make her mark on the world of bouldering.

Accompanied by her coach Robin O’Leary, Imogen made the trip to South Africa with the goal of topping her highest grade bouldering route to date and by doing so establishing herself as a real force in the sport. The Rocklands is an iconic bouldering location, famed for its endless rock formations that stretch as far as the eye can see. Whilst the trip was filled with many accomplishments, Imogen had her eyes set on ‘The Hatchling’ named after its broken egg shell like appearance.

Imogen HorrocksAt 19 years old, this was no easy feat for Imogen and working alongside Robin over the course of a few days she would eventually pull all the pieces of the puzzle together and make the grade. Accomplishing her first V11/8A grade climb is a mile stone in her career as a climber but it is just the start for this incredibly talented young athlete from the UK.

“This was an incredible experience and I am proud of what we achieved in the Rocklands, it really was a dream come true and for Fuzion 100 to help make this project possible is just awesome” (Imogen Horrocks)

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