Headlamp maker Petzl encourages the public to get out despite the darkness and enjoy a Strava challenge following the end of this year’s Daylight Savings time.

Dark days are upon us. Daylight savings will be removed from European’s schedules on October 26th and for North Americans, this change will happen November 6th. As another hour of post work darkness sweeps the lands, our communities will be faced with a cascade of negative mental and physical health impacts. Losing an hour of sunlight from one’s recreation time makes everything just a little more difficult and requires greater motivation to get outside. How to combat this annual chronologic pestilence? We propose a simple solution. Running.

This year, Petzl is working with Strava to encourage exercise during the gloomy time of the year. As we face early sunsets and darkened commutes, Petzl wants to encourage everyone to pull on a headlamp, push the center button, and go for a jog.

The Petzl Strava challenge is to run 42 kilometers (26 miles) between November 6 and 26th. That’s correct, a marathon by headlamp, but at your own pace, at the most convenient time, and in as many segments as you choose. Those who complete the Petzl Night Running Challenge will be eligible to win one of a 1000 prizes including BINDI headlamps, T-shirts, and other prizes. But more importantly, they’ll have put in a full marathon of exercise during a season when motivation can be most difficult.

What do users need to do to take part officially?

• Sign up for the Petzl Night Running Challenge on Strava.
• Run 42 km between November 6th and 26th before dawn or after dark, and record it in the Strava challenge.
• Tag #PetzlNightRunning on Instagram for additional chances to win prizes.

How do users win a prize?

Once the challenge has ended we will select, at random, over a 1000 winners from the Strava Challenge and #PetzlNightRunning instagram hashtags.

To take part in either download the Strava and Instagram apps. By following the information above one will be entered into the Strava contest. For Instagram one need only post a picture from their run with the caption “Welcome to [City Name] #PetzlNightRunning” example “Welcome to Ontario #PetzlNightRunning”.

Full contest and participation rules will be posted on www.Petzl.com/strava at the end of October. But why wait for the contest? Try night running this evening and get a head start on your fall training!