The new range of ‘TOBA’ bikes by UK firm 50cycles is due to launch in September this year.

The new range of ‘TOBA’ bikes by UK firm 50cycles is due to launch in September this year.

And now 50cycles founder and CEO Scott Snaith has provided these first-look images of his creation.

The TOBA bikes are all ‘ebikes’, and feature an electric motor to assist pedalling power in either the crank or wheel.

They’re also the first ever cycles to generate crypto-currency tokens for every 1,000 miles pedalled, utilising state-of-the-art blockchain technology through the ‘’ platform.

Mr Snaith says the TOBA not only represents value for money compared to any other bike in the market, but believes the first ever tokenised bike will get customers enthused about what the crypto realm has to offer.

He says: “We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt over the past 15 years and used this experience to create the best electric bike we possibly can.

“The TOBA will not only get our customers out and about, but we also want to reward people for tapping-in to the new digital age.”

The TOBA ‘Beat’ is the most keenly-priced bike in the range, at £1,500. It comes with distinct all-white frame and rims, as well as a 250W motor with a range of 30 miles between charges. There’s also a folding version of the Beat.

The TOBA ‘Prima’ costs £2,500, and features a hassle free ‘Gates’ belt-drive – rather than a chain – as well as the 250W ‘TS50’ motor developed exclusively by 50cycles, which gives it a range of around 70 miles per 2 hour charge.

A Shimano 8 speed Alfine hub and Shimano dynamo lights, front and rear, complete the technical package, while the Prima also comes with a luggage rack and panniers.


Meanwhile the TOBA ‘Premium’ – also £2,500 – has Shimano XT gears and hydraulic brakes from Tektro.

Both the Premium and Prima have 27.5 inch rims, as well as Schwalbe tyres, while the Beat has standard 26 inch wheels.

Mr Snaith says he’s particularly proud of the TS50 motor which underpins both the Prima and the Premium models to give a ‘smooth and reassuring ride’.

He explains: “We’ve developed the TS50 in conjunction with our specialists in Taipei, and we’re confident it’s a very robust motor’

“We’ve noted the mistakes other manufacturers have made in this regard and tried to produce something tough and durable.

“The casing itself is from a much larger 350W motor. We’ve tuned it down to 250W in order to comply with UK law, but it means there’s plenty of give in it, and it’s not being worked to extremes. We think this will give it class-leading longevity and supports our company mantra – ‘Further-Faster’.”

A certain amount of so-called ‘TOBA Tokens’ will also be gifted to the customer when they first purchase a bike – as many as 100 in the case of the premium and prima models.

A further 10 tokens – equating to roughly £20 – will be issued for every 1,000 miles cycled.

Using the NEM platform, the TOBA’s coins can then be redeemed across a number of brands and stores, or traded for popular digital tokens such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, XEM and Digibytes.

Mr Snaith explains: “As soon as they start pedalling, riders will be on the way to producing cryptocurrency — and every 1,000 miles will unlock a set amount TOBA tokens, giving each of our customers an incentive to get on their bikes.

“It is a way of rewarding our customers and riders who are fully-committed to reducing congestion and pollution, improving their health, and then also getting rewarded for it.”

A special mobile phone app is able to communicate with the TOBA’s motor so you can track how much cryptocurrency you’ve generated.

Meanwhile ownership and service records will be held on the blockchain – a vast online database, or ledger.

If you’re a new to crypto – and slightly baffled by the concept – worry not

The 50cycles team will also be launching‘Crypto Classes’, where ‘you will be trained by a competent to master how to receive and store your TOBA tokens by having a broader understanding of the eco systems in a safe environment.’

Mr Snaith adds: “We realise that not everyone is clued-up about crypto. This course is offered free of charge to every new owner that buys a bike with fiat currency.

“Meanwhile buyers using digital currency – who are clearly already clued-up about crypto and don’t need additional training – will receive a £150 discount on the bike itself as well as simple instruction on how to open their TOBA wallet.”

To learn more please join the community on the TOBA website.