Last year Zwifters managed to log over 122 million miles – virtual cycling is a reality!

A breakdown of the global numbers can be found below:

  • 122,140,586 miles (196,582,313 km) were logged on Zwift this year. That would get us to Mars and back. Twice.
  • Zwifters climbed almost 6 billion feet (1.8 billion metres). That’s enough to go to the moon more than five times.
  • Riders produced 11,371,782,534 watt-hours. Enough to power LA for 17 days.
  • Zwifters burned enough calories to show 14,368,536 pizza slices who the boss is!
  • Zwifters averaged 820 feet (250 m) of climbing per ride and 17.5 miles (28 km) per session. 62,691 metric centuries and 10,953 imperial centuries were logged last year.
  • Zwifters in Ontario, Vienna, and Hamburg ride farther than Zwifters in any other city per ride.
  • Zwifters in cycling-crazy Copenhagen produce more watts on average than Zwifters anywhere else.
  • And fellow Zwifters shared 10 million Ride Ons.

Zwifters here in the UK have racked up some pretty impressive figures themselves – 

  • UK Zwifters covered a total distance of 21,940,542 miles in 2017
  • This included a total elevation of 319,476,855 metres

Certainly worthy of the 1,821,196 Ride Ons received!