Pindos, the largest mountain range in Greece, will host for the 6th consecutive year on 17-24 June 2018 one of the world’s toughest mountain biking races, Bike Odyssey 2018!

Participating athletes will enjoy eight days of mountain biking on the most beautiful paths of Pindos. From the picturesque Smixi of Grevena to the final destination, Nafpaktos of Etoloakarnania, athletes will have the opportunity to cross places of incredible natural beauty, pass through woods, rivers and historic villages and feel the intensity and adrenaline of this epic race.

The race attracts worldwide interest as shown by the countries that have already hosted previous years in Bike Odyssey: Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Indonesia, Australia, England, Denmark, Israel, Cyprus, Italy, South Africa, Caribbean Trinidad & Tobago, France, Turkey, Scotland, Sweden.

The organisation, beyond racing action, gives the opportunity to anyone who wants to experience Bike Odyssey from the tourist side to see the picturesque villages and wild beauty of Pindos as a great outing!

In 2018 Bike Odyssey returns stronger than ever, with new routes and challenges.

For more information, please visit the website.