Fed up of the rat race? Wondering if there’s more to life than working in an office? Israeli-British couple Gil and Bex swapped their ordinary lives in London for a life more…extraordinary!

With limited experience and zero training, they ventured to Israel to embark on a self-supported hike the length of the country. Two months later, having walked over 800 miles across the vast Negev desert, the couple successfully completed the hike – overcoming huge challenges and setbacks along the way.

Soon after, the couple successfully forged their new careers as digital nomads, travelling and working in 14 countries around the world. Always on the lookout for the next challenge, they have climbed active volcanoes, swam with whale sharks and crossed the Arctic Circle, a far cry from days spent squeezed on a packed Tube line.

A dream come true? It could be for you too.

Join Gil and Bex for an evening of inspiration as they share insights and advice as well as stories from their adventures including their latest feat, a 1600 mile muscle-powered journey on kick scooters travelling all the way from Canada to Mexico!

Learn how to achieve the seemingly impossible:

  • Overcoming fear
  • Pushing your body to the limit
  • Thinking big
  • Creating a life that you really love

Gil and Bex are using their current expedition, “Kicking the States”, to raise money for a charity called Africa’s Children in Education so they can help build a school in Tanzania.

They hope to raise $10,000 to build a new classroom that will help some of the world’s most disadvantaged children through education. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards helping them reach this goal.

What: KICKING THE STATES  – kick-scooting the length of the USA

Who: Bex Band and Gil Drori

When:  Wednesday 12th September, Ellis Brigham, Chelmsford, 7pm

Wednesday 18th September, Ellis Brigham, Covent Garden, London, 8pm.

Tickets £8