National male cancer charity – Orchid – is calling on runners, beginners or seasoned professionals, to do their bit to tackle male cancers and take on a different type of fitness challenge this September.

Don an inflatable willy costume and join Orchid for the wackiest, and silliest, fundraiser of the year – The Great Willy Waddle.

  • When? Tuesday 25th September 2018 at 6:30pm
  • Where? 2KM Fun Run around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
  • How much? £20 registration plus sponsorship

Orchid’s annual Willy Waddle has become a highlight in the charity events calendar, attracting people of all fitness levels from across the country, young and old, who come together for an unmissable weekday night with the collective mission to raise awareness and funds for the rare disease, penile cancer.

Although this is a fun event, there is a very serious message being conveyed to the general public – the lack of awareness around penile cancer.

Penile cancer is typically slow growing, and if caught early, treatment success is high with around 70% of men surviving the disease. Unfortunately, the combined factors of a general lack of awareness, and men tending to ignore symptoms, often results in a subsequent delay in diagnosis. Sadly, incidence of penile cancer is on the rise with 25% more cases than the late 1970s. While the disease is treatable, the earlier the diagnosis the better, yet only 13% of the public say they feel informed about its signs and symptoms.

Commenting, Rebecca Porta, CEO of Orchid said:

Penile cancer is often a difficult disease for men to talk about and as such awareness of the disease and its signs and symptoms is very low. Unfortunately, this is resulting in later diagnoses which in turn reduces the treatment options open to men suffering the disease. We want to tackle that by breaking the stigma attached to penile cancer and get more information to men all over the UK. That’s why we’re asking the public to take part in our ‘The Great Willy Waddle’ activities, it’s great fun, with a serious underlying message.

So, tie up those shoelaces, put on that willy costume, and enjoy the most entertaining run of your life. Sign up here.


Picture: Mo Baig / Orchid – Fighting Male Cancer