Entries for Red Bull Quicksand, a uniquely brutal one-mile race along the beach on one of England’s best-known seaside towns, is open at Redbull.com.

Runners and fitness enthusiasts will be able to test their mettle against 750 other competitors in this innovative and grueling seaside race.

Taking place on September 1, 2018 in Margate, Red Bull Quicksand – a running race like no other – could be the most challenging mile you ever run. The inaugural event will see 750 participants push through the sand on the one-mile long course on the Great British seaside in Margate, Kent.

On top of the obvious challenges that come with running on sand – runners expend 1.6 times more energy on sand than running on a road surface – the course includes four large and three smaller sandy climbs, giving competitors a full examination of endurance, acceleration and bursts of speed.

The man-made ‘sandcastle’ obstacles will tower over the competitors, forcing them to climb vertically over the loose terrain, creating a challenge to even the most hardened of athletes.

With starving lungs and burning calves, advancing competitors will face the course all over again. The event follows a knockout format with runners progressing through heats and semi-finals to reach the grand final, in what is set to be an energy-sapping day on the Margate dunes.

Entries for Red Bull Quicksand are now open with early bird race entry costing £20 (early bird entries are available until July 18). There will be 750 entries available. To secure a place, or to find out more information on the event please visit www.redbull.com/quicksand.  

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