Sharing a passion for embracing the outdoors, Spartan and Blaze Wear have joined forces to share truly innovative technology with dedicated outdoor fans.

With more than 31,000 participants at 6 destinations in the UK pushing themselves to their limits, Blaze Wear battery-heated clothing provides an immediate raise in temperature at the touch of a button. As an athlete’s body temperature drops, easing recovery and helping athletes return to their normal body temperature, Blaze Wear’s TriZone Heat Technology is the perfect addition to any kit bag.

Blaze Wear is a leader in the design and manufacture of heated clothing technology, particularly catering for outdoor and extreme sporting. The heating elements in the jackets are powered by a rechargeable and portable USB powerbank with three adjustable heat temperature settings making it quick and easy to use. This means that as soon as a racer steps off the Spartan course, they can embrace the heat and return to a normal body temperature.

Ahead of the race, Blaze Wear can also be used to alleviate any injuries or ailments that a racer might pick up in training. They have also harnessed the power of heat with their Heat Therapy range, to provide a new realm of recovery for an athlete. The deep therapeutic warmth generated by the back, shoulder, wrist or knee wraps can be used to help ease discomfort from sports injuries, muscle strain and joint stiffness.

Emily leRoux, Head of Partnerships at Spartan said: “Spartan is for those willing to mentally and physically push to achieve their personal best. It is a sport, mindset, community and way of life. Above all, it is a catalyst for transformation, pushing you beyond what you thought was possible. We are very excited to be partnering with Blaze Wear – a truly innovative organisation who share our passion for getting fit and healthy in the great outdoors. We look forward to supporting the UK and International expansion of Blaze Wear alongside our own expansion into new countries.

Lorraine Rothwell, Managing Director for Blaze Wear said: “We are delighted to enter into this long-term partnership and are incredibly proud and excited to form part of the Spartan phenomenon, whilst at the same time, supporting athletes with heat therapy and heated clothing products that help alleviate conditions from sports injury and the regulation of the athlete’s optimum body temperature after the race.”

For more information on Blaze Wear please visit: and if you want to sign up for a race please visit the Spartan website for tickets and more information on how to sign up: