On July 23rd Head Total Immersion Coach for the UK, Tracey Baumann of SwimSolutions took a group of Masters swimmers to Windermere (Lake District) to take on what was for most of them a new open water swimming challenge

In an informal event dubbed “The Swimdermere” 18 swimmers (14 solo and one relay team) attempted to swim the length of Lake Windermere from the south end to the north, a total of 19.6km.

Although some of the group were experienced swimmers of many years, others of the group could barely complete the length of a 25m pool just a few years ago. Yet despite this by the end of the afternoon the entire group had reached the finishing point at Ambleside.

“I’m so proud of all my swimmers” said Tracey, “it’s unprecedented for the entire group to finish. It’s been amazing to watch them all achieve their goals. I’m in absolute awe of each one of them”