The Thrombosis UK team is completing a virtual walking challenge from John o’ Groats to Land’s End. This equals over 2 million steps (874 miles), and they hope to achieve this by Saturday 13th October (World Thrombosis Day).

As they pass landmarks they’ll be tweeting and sharing awareness tips, thrombosis facts and sending display materials to hospitals and medical centres. Follow and Tweet your support to @ThrombosisUK.

Thrombosis is a major cause of death in the UK, yet many have little understanding about the causes and effects – and how it can be prevented. This is true not only with the general public, but also healthcare professionals. 1 in 4 people worldwide are dying from conditions caused by thrombosis right now.

Many blood clots can be prevented – keeping mobile and well hydrated is important. After just 90 minutes of sitting still your blood flow has reduced by 50%. So Thrombosis UK is calling on anyone of any ability to ‘step up’ and become more active.

The aim of the campaign is to generate much-needed fundraising for Thrombosis UK, as well as to increase awareness of thrombosis – in particular the importance of mobility and hydration to reduce some of the risk factors.

For more information, please visit the website.