Justin Lord is taking on a  running challenge, covering 1000 miles!

He started at Launceston castle (Cornwall) on 18th March, will run up to Scotland (Edinburgh Castle) and then return to Launceston. Justin will be running approx 35-40 miles a day, every single day until he completes this distance with the aim to complete the run in less than 25 days. He will also be running the miles each day FASTED only eating in the evening to refuel his body.

Justin has been vegetarian all of his life and turned to a solely plant based life several years ago. He is a nutritionist, personal trainer and mindset coach and currently undertaking his Doctorate in Holistic Medicine.

You may ask, ‘why this huge challenge?’

For Justin it’s a metaphor for his life and the importance of having the right mindset for achieving goals and he wants to share this with as many people as possible. However more importantly he will be running to support and raise money for the “Make a Wish” Children´s Charity that makes life- changing wishes for children with terminal illnesses. This is something that he feels very passionate about.

During the run Justin will be podcasting every single day, uploading a YouTube VLOG every day and will be live on Instagram and Facebook as well as other social media posts. The aim is to raise as much awareness as possible and also get people involved.

He wants to invite anyone to come and join him on any part of the route in a “come run with me” approach and has also created a “1000 Mile Movement” on Facebook so that anyone can undertake their own 1000 mile challenge in the space of one month or one year.