Because a leading UK adventure racing firm is taking left-over equipment from one of their events and transforming it into a new playground for underprivileged children in India.

The charitable gesture has been organised by Rat Race Adventure Sports, headquartered in Shipton-by-Beningbrough, near York.

In 2016 they hosted an event in Brisbane, Australia, and were left with £25,000 worth of gear, held in shipping containers, on the other side of the world.

Now Rat Race founder Jim Mee has decided to ship the equipment – which includes cargo nets, tyres and scaffolding – to Malur, Karnakata Province, India rather than bringing it back to Britain.

Rat Race Adventure Sports

He’s teaming-up with UK-based plant, tools and equipment hire firm GAP Group, who aid Rat Race in setting-up their ambitious projects, as well as Playground Ideas, an Australia-based charity whose mission it is to improve young lives through play.

The GAP Group is also making a financial contribution to the project.

And a team comprising Rat Race, Playground Ideas and GAP staff will head to India in October to build the play area themselves.

Rat Race’s Jim says they plan to build a jaw-dropping jungle gym featuring tunnels, bridges, zip-wires and a climbing wall.

He adds: “A couple of years ago we ran a series of obstacle events in Australia. When the series ended, we were left with a container full of incredible obstacles – but on the other side of the world.

“It seemed a waste to scrap the gear and dispose of it in an un-environmentally sound way, so we set to work on finding a new use for it.”

The container of obstacles set sail from Brisbane for Mumbai in July.

There, it will be offloaded and trucked to its new home.

Even the shipping container is being put to good use – forming the centrepiece of the entire play park.

Jim continued: “A playground can be such a source of joy for children – the excitement that it creates is tangible and palpable.

“Our aim in setting out on this project is to create a real sense of wonder on the faces of the kids as we unveil the fantastic new facility to them.”

Meanwhile, Rat Race and GAP are also now inviting donations from well-wishers to find an extra £5,000 worth of investment – which they say will give the park even more ‘wow factor’.

He explains: “We aim to create a space that is both joyful and practical.

“And in order for it really deliver in spades on the wow factor, there are a few special additions we wish to add.

“The bulk of the equipment provided will be steel tubes, fixtures and fittings, machined metal components, tyres and wooden assets. Plus essential stuff like concrete, tools and consumables that are all bought and paid for.

“What will really send this playground into orbit are the finishing touches, which is where you come in.

“We would like to purchase a zip wire, some special climbing holds – to build a fun and safe climbing feature on the container – a safety net for a bailey bridge, some aluminium poles for a fireman’s pole descent and other unique items that will really cover off the best playground we can build.

“The funding will go into these assets, to ensure that the finished product really is World-class.

“It will also give other people the opportunity to become part of this special project.”

A spokesperson for Playground Ideas, who partnered with local Indian charity Headstreams in order to choose the location for the project, said: “Playground Ideas has built 39 playgrounds this year in India and is super excited to be partnering with Rat Race for our 40th.

“This scaffolding material is not something we have used before but has the potential to create some really creative, unique pieces that will not only be safe and strong but that kids will absolutely love.”

Daimon Dunhue, Events Division Manager at GAP Group, will be joining the construction team as they set to work on the playground.

He said: “We supply equipment to all of Jim’s events and as a company, we have built up a strong relationship with him and the rest of the team over the years.

“When Jim talked to us about Project Playground and what he wanted to do, we thought it was a brilliant idea and something different. We really wanted to get involved.

“It has now become a personal thing for me too, as I have volunteered to go over in October and to help with the build. These guys are used to putting big projects together. I’m looking forward to working with them and seeing firsthand what they do.”

** To support the project visit the crowdfunding website.