Apple announce a release date for the Apple Watch as well as details on price and health and fitness specifications…

Apple Watch in set of three

April 24th is the date to keep in your diary for the official release of the Apple Watch. Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook today announced that the latest addition to the Apple family was the “most personal device we have ever created. It’s not just with you, it’s on you.”

You can expect to pay anything from £299 to £13,500 for the Apple Watch, ranging from the basic design to an 18-carat gold version with many different metals and straps in between. You can also choose between the 1.7in model or the 1.5in model and can enjoy up to 18 hours of use between charges.

The device can be used to make touchless payments, open electronic garage doors and receive phone calls among other nifty things! But, what we’re interested in is their health and fitness capability.

In the San Francisco presentation today, Tim said: “In addition to being a beautiful object, the Apple Watch is the most advanced timepiece ever created. It’s a revolutionary new way to connect with others and its a comprehensive health and fitness companion.”

With the Apple Watch you can:

  • Check your heart rate
  • Track your daily movement
  • Get real-time stats for a variety of the most popular workouts
  • Get notifications if you’ve been sedentary for too long
  • Get Wifi and GPS
  • Check calories-burned
  • Keep on track with personal fitness goals
  • Weekly updates on your movement and advice on new ‘Move goals’

You can find out more about the Apple Watch here as well as see all 95 minutes of the keynote presentation from Apple.

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