For anyone who has ever joked that their dog needs to carry their own adventure gear, this is for you!

Ruffwear Approach PackOur reviewer’s human is a dog trainer, so a plan was put in place to introduce the kit slowly. The weight was gradually increased, as were the miles, and the human-canine team have been enjoying weekend treks in style.

Ruffwear advise that the weight is gradually increased for the dog to get used to it, rightly so! I found that they also need to get used to seeing the bag as they move around! It’s easy to adjust the straps to create the perfect fit and as is standard for Ruffwear harnesses, the comfort of the dog takes priority.

The clips are secure and fitted in such a way that they don’t rub the dog. The harness element works well with our without a full rucksack and the lead secures on a trusted connection.

As with any association game, the Approach Pack quickly became an excitement-inducer. As soon as it appeared, the dog was ready and with the added ‘tidy up’ game that we introduced, he could even pack his own things into the bag!

Out and about, nothing got in the way of enjoying the adventure. The pack doesn’t move around and the additional width didn’t stop any exploring, digging, sniffing or even an impromptu dip in a lake!

We know that Ruffwear put the dog’s comfort first and the Approach Pack is no exception.