British urban cycling brand Beryl has launched a new multipurpose light for active commuters, the Pixel.

The Pixel, which weighs just 18g, is a highly versatile product that can be either a red or white light. This offers complete flexibility so it can be used on your bike as a front or rear light. It can also be attached anywhere thanks to its multifunctional clip allowing people to securely fit it to seatposts and bars, bags, helmets, or even your clothes so it can also be used off the bike when running and walking.

Each colour setting also comes with two modes; 100% brightness and ‘heartbeat’ mode. The light has a maximum 10 hour battery life, which fully charges in just 1.5 hours, and the light also automatically switches to a ‘Get me home’ power saving mode that helps extend the battery so you can get home.

The waterproof design allows the light to be used on the wettest of days that winter has to offer, helping users of the light to stay safe and visible on the roads.

Emily Brooke, Founder and CEO at Beryl (formerly Blaze) said “The Pixel uses the latest Chip-On-Board LED lighting technology, which delivers a lightweight product that can function as both a front and backlight, at the touch of a button. It is the first of our three next-generation lights that we will be launching this season.”

The Pixel is available to buy and cost £19.99. For more information please visit