• Headtorches we like

    Headtorches we like

    24th February 2016

    Don’t let darkness keep you indoors. These headtorches for runners mean you can train at any time of the evening. Petzl Myo £80 Powered by three AA batteries there’s no danger of running out of light with the Myo – just carry spare…

  • Warm waters need cooler drinks

    Warm waters need cooler drinks

    1st December 2015

    Triathletes and open water swimmers competing in tropical open waters should make time to drink during long course events to decrease their core temperature and improve their speed.  “Although it may take longer for swimmers to drink more, the time spent doing so may be compensated…

  • Backpacking: Accessories

    Backpacking: Accessories

    19th October 2015

    Part 5 of our backpacking feature: A few little luxuries won’t add much to your weight but could add heaps to your enjoyment of a trek. 1) Primus eta lite coffee press £13 This “plunger” turns the aluminium pot on your Eta…

  • Backpacking: Sleep Tight

    Backpacking: Sleep Tight

    16th October 2015

    Getting a good night’s kip makes all the difference to a backpacking trip 1) Vango Venom 300 £160, This down-filled sleeping bag packs up into its own drybag to occupy just 29x14cm of your rucksack, a low volume for such a generously sized bag,…

  • Backpacking: Fancy a brew?

    Backpacking: Fancy a brew?

    15th October 2015

    Our backpacking feature continues: Whether you’re boiling water for a cuppa or cooking a meal, the opportunity to have hot food and drinks can transform a backpacking trip  1) Coleman F1 Power PZ £29.99, This simple and strong stove screws directly to the top of…

  • Backpacking equipment: Rucksacks

    Backpacking equipment: Rucksacks

    13th October 2015

    For multi-day treks you’ll need a large volume rucksack to carry your gear and camping kit comfortably. 1) Exped lightning 60 £130, If you’re a backpacker who cuts labels from your kit and drills holes in your toothbrush to save weight, you’ll love this…