While the number of cyclists is growing in the UK, fear can put people off.

Carney discovered a gap in the market for cycling apparel that had a focus on safety and style so they designed apparel to help cyclists feel safer in the saddle by being more visible, therefore encouraging more people to ride.

‘Being seen’ is at the heart of the design process to create Carney reflective cycling wear – in terms of both safety and style.

As the evenings are getting darker, we have been trying Carney’s reflective sleeves while out on the bike. The 360 visability is impressive and with regular spins in the washing machine, they are still as bright as they were on Day One. Once the arm warmers are in place, they’re flexible and comfortable. They remain in place without being restrictive. They do not have thermal or windproof capabilities, nor do they claim to have, so while they’re great at this time of year, we have everything crossed that a second edition will be released for next winter.

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