A new colour changing water bottle called the Chameleon aims to revolutionise the way we drink our water is set to be launched by leading drinkware brand Root7.

London based Root7 have distributed some of the world’s biggest brands like Corkcicle, but in recent times they have been manufacturing their own products. The new colour changing water bottle is set to become an iconic brand in its own right.


It’s now available through their Kickstarter campaign and is the only bottle that changes colours when cold! It uses thermochromic ink which reacts to cold temperatures. It will change colour when the temperature drops. This means you’ll know exactly how full your bottle is without having to open it! As the cold water activates the colour, empty sections of warmer air return to white colour.  This allows you to see the fill level. From a glance, you’ll know how cold your water is as the colour intensity gradually lightens as the bottle gets warmer.

Over 1 million single-use plastic bottles are used every day and the Chameleon is both re-usable and sustainably sourced. Chameleon doesn’t pretend to be the first re-usable water bottle they hope the design inspires more people to ditch using one-time use plastic bottles and help save our environment.  On average for every Chameleon bottle used daily will save 200 plastic water bottles being added to landfills and our oceans every year.  Not to mention it’s going to save you a few pennies. So please go and make the switch to a reusable bottle.

We’ve been using the bottle over the weekend and it certainly changes colour as soon as it’s filled with water. Inside, it’s easy to see the water level but the colour changing technology is also affected by the outside temperature, so on a winter walk in the hills, the bottle was a fabulous shade of purple from top to bottom. The empty part of the bottle turns white when it’s picked up with warm hands though! Another opportunity to support an environmentally friendly way of ditching plastic can only be a good thing so check out the Kickstarter campaign here.