Black + Blum have created a bottle that not only looks stunning but also allows users to stop buying bottled water. They designed a water bottle that is reusable yet also improves the quality of tap water, this is in turn saving the oceans one bottle at a time.

charcoal-filtered-waterThe ‘black stick’ you see is active Binchotan charcoal – a Japanese water filtration method five centuries old, that makes your tap water taste great. Its porous surface removes chemicals such as chlorine from your drinkable (potable) water, leaving a clean refreshing taste with every single sip.

One natural carbon filter boasts a six-month lifespan when recharged (boiled for 10 minutes) after three months use. This is notably longer than most charcoal-based filters on the market.

Our reviewer hasn’t been separated from her bottle since she received it, here’s what she has has to say:

charcoal-filtered-waterTo begin with, other than thinking ‘that’s a cool bottle’, I didn’t have high expectations. When there are statements in the information such as ‘… makes tap water taste delicious’, I roll my eyes thinking ‘I’ll be the judge of that!’ It turns out, the statement is true. Once I had wedged the charcoal into the allocated space, I filled the bottle and forgot about it. I arrived at my meeting and remembered it was in my bag, reaching down I was relieved that it had survived the bike ride. The water was surprisingly refreshing and I wondered if that would diminish over time. It doesn’t. So, along with the slightly smug feeling of helping to reduce the waste that comes from not buying bottled water, it tastes delicious and the lid has remained secure despite being in permanent use for weeks.  

The bottles are available from Box Appetit for £19.95.