According to ROSPA 75% of the 19,000 bicycle accidents a year in the UK happen at junctions. So what is being done to support cyclists’ safety on the roads?

CYCL, a London-based cycling technology startup launched on Kickstarter in 2015, introducing WingLights, direction indicators for bicycles, that ease the life of urban commuters concerned with road safety.

Quoted as “exceptional” by Peter Jones and backed by Nick Jenkins in 2017 during CYCL’s Dragons’ Den pitch, the cycling gadget gained press attention of WIRED, Business Insider and Forbes.

Three years later, having made 50,000 bikes (including 700 for Domino’s Pizza) safer and with WingLights featured as the ‘Future of Transport’ by the UK Government, CYCL is back on Kickstarter with their latest contribution to cycling safety: WingLights 360!

Why WingLights 360?

Having released a first version of WingLights, turn indicators that flash with a single a tap, the 6-strong team listened to requests of their backers.

One story in particular inspired the team’s project. A cyclist going for a coastal ride in Dorset lost both her front and back lights and retained visibility only by tapping WingLights repeatedly for hours before getting home safely (the original WingLights switch off automatically after 45 seconds). There was a clear need for a steady light mode to provide constant visibility.

Taking this onboard, CYCL integrated a permanent white/red side light function in their award-winning bicycle indicators. All cyclists need to do is snap the WingLights 360 on the ends of the bike’s handlebars and switch on: one tap for flashing indicators, continuous hold for steady side lights. Positioned on the most protruding part of the bike, WingLights highlight the cyclists’ width.

Currently 1/4 of accidents are caused by drivers’ failure judge cyclists’ path, WingLights 360 remedy this by allowing cyclists to clearly indicate their direction of movement beyond their initial hand signals. Following extensive nighttime cycling tests, it was demonstrated that the cars tend to pass 85% (or more) further apart from the cyclist using the product compared to the control group.

Boasting a CNC aluminium construct, WingLights 360 are shock and waterproof. Magnetically attach to your handlebar ends, they can be removed reducing to a keyring for safekeeping. Perfect for the commute, they are now USB rechargeable, with a 3 hours battery and charge time under 30 minutes.

Whilst the number of commuters has increased by 144% over the last decade, 68% of non-cyclists still believe it is too dangerous to cycle on the roads, making cycle safety a key issue now more than ever.

Passionate about improving cyclists’ safety on the roads, the founder, Luca, quoted: “We have created product based on the concept that motor vehicles have white and red side lights. We wanted to recreate this for the bicycle market, to ensure cyclists’ positioning and intentions are clear to other road users”

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