With summer around the corner and the sporting challenge season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to jump on a bike and with a Morpher Folding helmet in your bag you can stay safe while you exercise.

Morpher Flat-Folding HelmetA Morpher helmet folds flat and fits easily into a bag or rucksack, taking up hardly any room, looks very cool and most importantly, it could save your life.

Offering top-class protection and unbeatable convenience and practicality, Morpher is the perfect reason to get on your bike, bulk up your sporting routine and carry you through to your fitness goals.

Research by the University of Copenhagen has found that commuting to work by bike is as effective a way of losing weight as working out at the gym. Cycling is a healthy, fun and low impact form of exercise which can increase cardiovascular fitness, build up muscle strength and take your physical condition to the next level.

Morpher Flat-Folding HelmetSo ditch the dreary gym and put paid to public transport. Cycling is the alternative that makes so much sense. If you work fitness into your daily routine you can save time, money, inches on your waistline and even contribute to saving the planet.

It’s been shown that over 80% of cyclists don’t wear a helmet because they are a hassle to carry and they haven’t got anywhere to put them when they’re not cycling.

Morpher is fully CE* and CPSC safety certified and at just 2.5 inches thin when folded, you can easily stow it away at your convenience. With this ingenious folding helmet there is no more clipping your cumbersome helmet on to your rucksack, cluttering up the desk with your clunky headgear or scrambling around for a suitable storage space. Simply fold it, slip it into your bag or briefcase and be on your way.

Morpher Flat-Folding HelmetThe innovative helmet was invented by Jeff Woolf OBE, two times winner of British Inventor of the Year and is used by many thousands of cyclists worldwide. Morpher Helmets come in matt black, shiny black, silver, red and white so there is sure to be a style which perfectly suits you while keeping you safe.

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