The Savage, the new ‘one size fits all’ bike bag from Norwegian lifestyle travel brand Douchebags (Db) is now available to buy online at for €699.

Inspired by roll-cage technology used in racing cars, The Savage is designed to offer maximum protection for beloved mountain and road bikes in transit, while allowing users to compress the bag down to just one-third of its full size for easy storage.

For full cycling gear protection, Douchebags have introduced The Wheelie wheel bag (€129) and The Guardian helmet bag (€69) to their new cycling range, which are also available to buy on the Douchebags website from today.

Douchebags is already known in the travel lifestyle and luggage sphere for bringing its Scandinavian art of design to a high-quality, practical and smart utility; and it’s no different with The Savage bike bag.

Its patented Db Roll Cage works as a support structure for the tough fabric walls of the bag and creates a strong framework by applying tension to the fabric – much like a drum skin. The tensile fabric structure helps the bag maintain its shape and protects the bike by creating a distance between the bike and the walls, so the bike remains encased and secure.

Another smart feature of The Savage – as with all of Douchebags’ travel bag ranges – is the Db hook-up system, which allows travellers to attach other Db luggage to the bike bag, making life easier when carrying lots of gear at once.

As a travel essential for any cyclist who values their belongings, The Savage will be looking after some of the world’s best athletes’ prized bikes this season, including the Athertons’ of Trek Factory Racing team.