It’s a fact, wetsuit drying can be a pain! Even though modern wetsuits are made with special internal linings that can make the suit warmer, dry faster, and slide on easier the process of drying a wetsuit has never been easy…

Dry BagHistorically wetsuits would be thrown into buckets and shopping bags to be brought home for drying. The problem here is that once home, in the generally cold climate of the UK, you can’t always hang your wetsuit outside so many of us are left with a designated area inside the house or garage for our wetsuits to drip dry, but this often gets in the way, creates a mess on the floor and is slow.

If you’re fed up of getting soaked hanging up your wetsuit or your other half is getting increasingly frustrated with the mess in the bathroom then look no further! The Dry Bag is an innovative new product that has been designed to solve your wetsuit storage, protection and drying problems. It is proven to dry your wetsuit in 4 -6 hours (depending on the drying environment) and will protect your precious neoprene from the suns UV rays by offering 30% more protection than without when hung outside to dry. All this means your wetsuit will stay supple and flexible for every swim session. It is at first glance a full-length suit carrier, but on closer inspection you notice a full-length zip, strong showerproof material, mesh air vents and the light bulb moment is at the base of the bag where a water tight reservoir collects any residual water from your suit and a plug means you can release it when you’re ready.

The Dry Bag comes complete with a durable hanging solution which takes 25kg in drop weight – easily the weight of two wet wetsuits. The wide arm of the hanger lets you hang your wetsuit folded at the waist without worrying about creases. As an added bonus, the hanger is made from 100% recycled materials as is the box the product arrives in. And with a 30 day no quibble returns policy if you’re not convinced by this clever yet simple product they’ll happily refund your order for you.

Reclaim your bathroom and banish indoor puddles all while protecting and drying your wet gear – given the cost of modern wetsuits, equipment and divorces its money well spent. It’s not magic but it works.

Buy online at for £60