dryrobe® was designed by Gideon Bright – a North Devon, UK based surfer with over 30 years experience in the water.

We recently shared the history of dryrobe over on TriRadar and you can read the full piece here.

dryrobeWith the developments to dryrobe, we were excited to put one of the robes to the test and sent our reviewer out for some open water swimming as the weather started to improve.

Clambering out of the cold water and quickly wrapping myself in the camouflage dryrobe was the perfect way to spend a morning. The immediate warmth that comes from the dryrobe is a relief and having a two way zip made the whole process much easier than usual. The lack of sensation in my fingers has previously meant a painful search for the zip!

With the inside pocket ready to hold my goggles and two hats, I could disappear into the not-so-camouflage pink fleece and start to get changed. There’s a magical combination of having enough room to change comfortably while still being warm. It’s brilliant! The only small thing I would love to add is a hook to give me options of where to store it. Also, because having prepared my kit the night before for an early morning dip, I had to remove the cat from her ‘new bed’ before I could leave.

I’m looking forward to my cheering duties later this year as family and friends take on long distance events. The thought of disappearing into my dryrobe while supporting them is very appealing.

To buy your own dryrobe, click here. We highly recommend the camouflage design as it looks incredible!