John Manning finds a shoe that’s perfect for circuit training in Reebok’s Workout TR. Here’s his review after a long-term test

If John Gray’s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus had included a case study about the male of the species’ infinite capacity to justify yet one more pair of trainers and his partner’s failure to accept this justification, then perhaps I’d have paid more attention to the book.

If challenged by my beloved, I might concede that one pair of shoes could serve more than one purpose, but while domestic bliss (!) reigns, I’ll continue to maintain that it’s entirely reasonable to have trail and road shoes, as well as spikes, cushioned shoes for training and lighter pairs for racing… which brings me neatly to these Reebok Workout TR shoes.

They’re superb for circuit training, being stable, supportive and delivering great grip, and they’d be grand for gym work too. The problem is simply that while my running shoes are more than capable of performing the same duties and going for a run, I wouldn’t go for a run in these Reeboks. Still, if you have the space and budget for a pair of shoes for each type of training, why not?

Price: £59.99