Before tech and apparel, it’s your shoes that matter most.

Choosing your next pair is always a big deal. What about weight? Cushioning? Flexibility? Stability? Durability? Energy return? Things can get pretty technical, pretty quickly.

But there’s one constant that remains — one part of you that makes contact with the ground.

Yep, you got it. It’s your soles.

Let’s face it, you rely on them to hold firm, fast and true. They’re there to get you from A to B after all. But your soles sure take one hell of a beating.

That’s why rubber and tire specialists, Michelin, have been developing a new generation of soles for outdoor footwear. And it makes perfect sense.

We all know that regularly replacing your footwear can get expensive. Having to take a back-up pair out with you is also a massive pain. You want to get as many miles out of your shoes as possible, while feeling comfortable and confident too.

It’s the least you expect. But many shoes are left wanting.

SolesFor Michelin, however, durability and traction are the name of the game. This is what they pride themselves on. It’s what they’ve spent over a hundred years perfecting — and now you can get their unique treads fixed to the bottom of your feet.

From tires to soles

Teaming up with sports footwear specialists such as Under Armour, Mizuno, Salewa and Northwave, Michelin have been busy creating new and improved soles – inspired by their tires. From trail running to mountain biking, hiking to snowboarding, we’re now seeing tried and tested tires, such as the Michelin Wild Grip’R mountain bike tire, being reimagined for footwear…

…and the results are impressive.

SolesFor the trail runners out there, you’ve got shoes like the Mizuno Hayate 3 and Under Armour Speed Ascent which have been engineered for agility, stability and adaptability in even the hairiest of situations. Both feature soles that use tread patterns from Michelin mountain bike tires, and boast premium upper designs to help you go the distance.

If you’re more at home in the saddle, Italian mountain bike brand Northwave have developed a whole range of shoes with Michelin soles. One of our favourites being the Extreme XC.

Built to take on unpredictable cross-country rides, the Extreme XC is a diverse shoe that feels at home in a multitude of environments. And with the Michelin Hyperlight XC outsole, there are no more dangerous slips from the pedal, so you can ride with complete confidence.

Check out these shoes and other outdoor footwear featuring Michelin soles below…


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