Cycle fashion label Hackney GT announces the latest addition to their range with the GTX ‘MBX’ (MTB, BMX, MX) jersey.

MBXThe long sleeve loose fit top takes its design origins from iconic styling from the 80’s and combines them with Hackney GT’s renowned flair for creative aesthetics in collaboration with celebrated designer Swifty, a long time supporter of the label.

It isn’t just about looking good though as the jersey is packed with features making it perfect for all disciplines where a good tear up is necessary. The perforated Windex retro style front chest panel allows plenty of breathability while remaining hardwearing as does the 100% polyester fabric to the back and sides. Detailed side panels provide a better fit while the Lycra wrist cuffs help to keep the full length sleeves in place. The jersey is made in England just like all Hackney GT products, something the company is very proud of and has worked hard to achieve.

Russ Jones, the man behind Hackney GT, takes up the story behind the product. “I’ve been racing mountain bikes for a long time and wanted a jersey which reminded me, as well as a lot of my friends, of the jerseys we had when we started out on BMX’s and mountain bikes many years ago. The modern fabrics make it much more comfortable but just as hard wearing and it’s amazing how many people nod and smile when they see the design.”

The jersey is available now for £60 in unisex sizes XS to XXL and like all Hackney GT products is proudly Made in England.

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