Running to work is great. Full stop. But for those who need to change into something smart on the other end of their run, there can be challenges to overcome – mainly in the form of creased shirts.IAMBOXPACK

Here to help tackle this run commuter crisis is the IAMRUNBOX.

It’s a shirt and garment carrier and backpack designed to keep clothes crease-free and in good condition for professionals on the move.

There are two versions of the backpack: the Lite (£99.95) and the Pro (£134.95). Both versions are made from water resistant materials and have a clothes compartment, a soft backpad, an ergonomic design suited for a low-riding cycling position, smart-load distribution technology and a pocket for a water bottle.

The Pro version includes a laptop storage compartment and outside string to attach a jacket or shoe bag.

You can currently pick these up online at