Walking along our favorite lake or river is easy – imagine being able to choose between a walk on the shore and a paddle on the water, at the drop of a hat! Justin Case Kayak is a 7-lb kayak on a mission to make kayaking easy, accessible, and affordable.

On August  24, Justin Case Kayak launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of a kayak that folds up to the size of a folding chair.  Designed for urban adventurers exploring the wild outdoors, Justin Case Kayak is the first portable kayak under 10 lbs.

Canadian outdoor enthusiast, Inna Morgan came up with the concept back in 2015, inspired by the concept behind tents. The portable kayak was born out of frustration with the size, cost and storage requirements of traditional kayaks. The idea grew into an international collaboration with designers and engineers in Europe, and transformed into an out-of-box solution aimed at hikers, campers and kayakers who want to be able to bring a kayak on a bike ride.

Justin Case is made with a carbon fiber frame and a military grade Cordura Ripstop skin skin. Weighing just 7 lbs, the kayak can carry over 300 lbs, and measures no more than 40 inches long, 5 inches wide when folded and can be fully assembled in approximately 10 minutes.  The concept and prototypes have been water tested repeatedly over the past 12 months, bringing a safe, reliable, and durable kayak to KickStarter. Backers will have a choice between titanium and carbon fiber frames, adding 2.5lbs to the total weight for the metal frame – a small price to pay for indestructibility.

The Justin Case Kayak launched on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter on August 24 for a 45-day campaign.  This is a relaunch of the January 2017 campaign, and includes an improved design, streamlined logistics, and added safety and comfort features. Taking over 2 years to develop, the campaign is looking to raise $50,000 CAD by October 8, 2017. Perks include a special price of a kayak for $790 CAD, a steal at a 30% discount off retail price and delivers worldwide. Supporters can also opt in to custom-designed, limited edition merchandise. Product will start shipping in February, 2018. All products are designed in Canada.

Find out more about Justin Case on the Kickstarter page.