When we heard about the new Pack and Go collection from Jack Wolfskin, we just had to try it out.

JWP VestThe concept behind the collection is to provide kit for days outdoors that is stylish, practical, very lightweight and, most of all, compactly stowable. We would say they tick all the boxes; it’s hard to imagine that a gilet could be so supremely lightweight while still keeping you incredibly warm and packing down very small when not in use. The windproof vest is made out of 100% recycled material and comes with its own tiny pouch to pack into. And it really does scrunch up small, so it would fit in a large coat pocket or you could attach to a bag or belt loop via the pouch pull-strings. It has four pockets, two inside, two out, with the outside ones having zip closure.

The most impressive thing we found, though, was the warmth – it’s just ideal for the changeable spring weather, warming on cooler days and always worth bringing along just in case, as it weighs almost nothing (well, 215g) and takes up almost no room! We can’t wait to try the rest of the collection, which includes a jacket, shoes, trousers and bags.

JWP Vest

£85 from Snow + Rock – Jack Wolfskin – www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk