Australian product designers Knog – known best for its bike lights and revolutionary Oi bike bell – has launched a ground-breaking new headlamp on Kickstarter. The Bandicoot is a USB rechargeable silicone headlamp without the bulk, endless batteries and the “boring”.

KnogWeighing in at just 49g the super-lightweight Bandicoot is the perfect multi-use headlamp for camping, trail running, hiking, climbing, fishing, reading and pretty much anything else.

What makes the Bandicoot different from the rest? The Bandicoot uses Silicone, (not fabrics or elastics which are fiddly and unreliable) to seamlessly merge the strap, body and LEDs into one super-lightweight integrated unit. And it’s not the kind of silicone that will tangle in your hair. It’s a matte silicone that’s as kind to your hair as Pantene.

Incorporating cleverly designed optics integrated into a single piece chassis removes the need for a hinge. The 4 sets of LEDs are optimally placed for their each individual purpose – a high beam to see by, elliptical beams for broad ambient light, a red light for night/low light and down lights for reading.

“We looked at what other brands were doing and weren’t happy at how heavy and cumbersome most headlamps are” says Hugo Davidson, Knog CEO and lead designer. “We saw an opportunity to streamline the headlamp to make it lighter, more comfortable and more robust. Our campaign is playful, but the Bandicoot is a serious product with features of a much more expensive light.”

Why usb rechargeable and not AAA? We made the decision to go Li-Po USB rechargeable because the advantages are overwhelming. It’s lighter, smaller, more cost effective (equivalent of over 650 AAA batteries saved) and better for the environment.

But aren’t Knog a bike brand? Not any more. With the release of the modular PWR range 2018 sees Knog move into the outdoor sector. The launch of the Bandicoot is only the beginning.

The Bandicoot is available on Kickstarter for USD$22 / AUD$29 (target RRP: USD$34.95 / AUD$44.95).

To support Knog, see their Kickstarter page here.