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To further build brand awareness Mammut has invested in ensuring their products are visible to potential end users via a number of media platforms. Their promotional activity has evolved to become more relevant to the UK and they have established successful UK focussed social media programmes to promote Mammut to UK consumers.

Alongside this, the brand website has been updated with a fresh new layout to allow easier navigation and better presentation of the product range. It is also optimised for sharing images, stories and video content as part of building ongoing dialogue with Mammut fans old and new.

Mammut UK has made the changes above in direct response to customer feedback and, as a result of this, it is now possible for consumers in the UK to purchase Mammut products directly online [something they have been able to do in other markets for quite some time].  The UK team will be able to manage the range shown online and provide direct feedback to Mammut’s retail customers to adjust ranges in store.

Mammut UK will in turn support wholesale well through, as a more direct dialogue with consumers gives them much better insights into the end consumers buying habits and behaviours, which in turn directly informs product development and range recommendations to retailers.

Neil Bradley, Managing Director at Mammut UK says: “I trust the above underlines our ongoing commitment to the UK market. Wholesale business will remain by far the largest part of our business. As our own online channel continues to evolve, we will introduce more creative support to our retail partners marketing and product launches in order to encourage end consumers to visit stores and enjoy using Mammut products.”

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