Women’s Monterey Texapore Ecosphere Coat by Jack Wolfskin

Monterey Texapore Ecosphere£200 – www.cotswoldoutdoor.com

We’re always interested in eco-friendly kit and this lightweight rain jacket really turned our head this month as it’s 100% recycled – a world first.

The weather seemed to know we had a jacket to try out, and duly gifted light rain, heavy rain, sideways rain and some days, just the threat of rain. This coat stood up to it all. If it’s cold, you will need a warm jumper underneath, but the coat will shield you from chilly winds very effectively, and we love the long length that helps keep the breeze out but will also stop most of your legs getting wet.

We tested it on a few hikes and days at the coast and found it a great throw-over in light rain but super-protective on wetter days. It folds up so small, it’s no bother to bring along on any walk or day out and it’s very soft too – so comfy and easy to move around in. A particular good touch is the flaps over the pockets; a simple design, but there’s no way any rain is getting in! Same with the hood – the adjustable design is really simple but so handy.

It’s not cheap, but the design is very clever and unfussy; this is a great coat for this time of year, and with eco-friendly credentials, worth paying a bit more.