Suunto has partnered with a children’s outdoor wear brand to take a stand against the growing numbers of children not getting their recommended levels of exercise

Finnish clothing brand Reima is moving into UK markets with a new app designed to monitor children’s activity levels.

The free ReimaGO app pairs with a activity-tracking sensor, developed in conjunction with Suunto, to feedback a report to parents who might be concerned about their child’s inactivity while at school or simply at home.

The sensor is designed to be attached to clothing, ideally on the torso. Reima has released a clothing line with jackets that have specific pockets to cater for this.

To help encourage the child to increase their exercise, the information gathered is presented through a child-friendly interface that provides virtual rewards for reaching activity targets.

Parents can also follow the child’s activity levels and keep an activity log.

The ReimaGO sensor retails at £39.00; the Reima Fleece from £50 and Reima Jacket from £96.

According to the World Health Organisation’s recommendations, children should aim to do at least one hour of physical activity a day but statistics show that year-on-year less and less children are achieving this.

ReimaGo is available at